Iraq – A natural product to prevent coronavirus

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Erbil – Kurdistan Region – Iraq 23/09/2020

After the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, many citizens resorted to alternative medicine or herbal medicine as a preventive measure of the virus, which made one of the attars in the city of Erbil produce a natural antiviral product, the researcher and expert on herbs, Tahsin Barwari, explained that the preparation is based on two principles, the first is to penetrate the protein material that surrounds any virus, regardless of Covid 19 or any other, the second principle is that the product contains a solution with a high base that makes it difficult to live any viruses, bacteria or amoebiasis, and once this solution reaches the nose and inhaled it will penetrate the casing and fragment and weaken the viruses by 70% and convert them from active viruses into inactive.

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