Iraq – ISIS tries to reemerge and expand in other regions after its defeat in Syria and Iraq

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Baghdad- Iraq 20/.09.2020

Despite eradicating most of ISIS roots in Syria and Iraq, and assassinating most of its leaders, the top of which was Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was the mastermind of the attacks on the security forces in Iraq and Syria, the organization still sprout up and expand in other areas. It has proven its ability to reemerge and to cap its hefty losses by relying on experienced leaders, who operate in secret cells and have developed a good experience during their previous roles in the organization. It is worth mentioning that a former officer in the Iraqi army known as the “destroyer’ wants to prove his capabilities by reviving the crumbling ISIS movement, which was once so powerful during the period from 2014-2019.  He claimed that he would take advantage of the US decision to scale back its intervention in the region.


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