Syria- ISIS women insist on fleeing al-Hawl Refugee Camp

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Al-Hawl Refugee Camp- East of Al-Hasakah Governorate-Syria 18/09/2020

In “al-Hawl Refugee Camp” located east of Al-Hasakah governorate, women from different nationalities are frequently fleeing due to poor services in addition to water and medications shortages. Fatima, a Russian citizen, indicated that the camp is a prison, where the acute shortage of medications for children and dehydration are the norm. Other women made it clear that they can no longer bear the strain, indicating that they want to leave with their husbands, who are detained by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). They pointed out that there is no way they would ever go back their countries as going back means they will certainly be arrested. The Camp security forces foiled three fleeing attempts, for more than 15 women with their children. They clarified that the bulk of them are Russians. Water containers are being used for fleeing the camp

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