Iraq: Dozens of dead and wounded in two bombings in Baghdad.

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 Baghdad-Iraq – 10/6/2016

Baghdad witnessed on Thursday killing and injuring about 40 people in a car bomb driven by a suicide bomber targeted a popular market in the New Baghdad district, east of the capital, while 24 people were killed and wounded by another car bomb targeted the second gate of al-Taji Camp, northern Baghdad.


40 people in Baghdad with a car bomb driven by a suicidal attacker on a popular Market in the new Baghdad in Eastern side of the capital,

.24 others were also killed with another car bomb aimed at the gate II of Taji camp, North of Baghdad.

It is noteworthy that the security situation in the capital is witnessing tension since the mid-2013, and the United nations mission in Iraq (UNAMI), announces in (the first of June), the killing and wounding of 2326 Iraqi as a result of violence witnessed in the country during the last month of May which is a signifucant increase from its predecessor emphasizing that capital, Baghdad was the most affected.



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