Lebanon – Damning Evidence that Ammonium Nitrate was sent by Iran and Destined to Hezbollah

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Beirut- Lebanon 30/08/2020

Brigadier Khaled Hamada, A researcher in security and political affairs, indicated that US and Italian reports on Beirut port explosion as well as German investigation that discovered large amounts of ammonium nitrates belonging to Hezbollah, are all damning evidence that ammonium nitrates found in  Beirut were sent by Iran and destined to Hezbollah. The Lebanese Forces bloc MP Wehbe Katicha underscored the fact that Hezbollah controls all land, sea and air entry points.  Hezbollah is behind the Beirut port explosion, the economic status quo, and the isolation Lebanon is witnessing. He condemned Michel Aoun’s actions in terms of covering up for Hezbollah, especially in regards to weapons

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