Syria- Civilians Suffer Water Cutoff in Al-Hasakah

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Al-Hasakah- Syria  21/08/2020

Al-Hasakah Governorate, the countryside, and affiliated villages have been suffering from drinking water cutoff for 10 days. The Syrian opposition forces are in charge of this cut off since they control Elok village’s water station that pumps water for the whole southern area. This station supplies water to 200 thousand people, reaching Tell Tamer city, Al-Hasakah, al-Shaddadi, and affiliated villages, in addition to camps in Al-Hawl, Al Areesha, and Al Washokani. Furthermore, officials at water department, affiliated to the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, indicated that Astana agreement, signed by Russia and Turkey, doesn’t include the Elok wells’ area. However, the Syrian opposition forces took hold of it as to have some leverage over the Autonomous Administration.

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