Yemen – Two doctors answer to their call of duty and leave their spouses to treat Coronavirus patients

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Taiz – Yemen 04/08/2020

Two Yemeni doctors answered to the call of duty of the profession and went to work in the only hospital for receiving the new coronavirus disease in Taiz province despite it being days after the marriage of both young doctors Hisham and Omar, who did not leave their spouses against their will, but in their own free will because of their love for their profession and their sense of human duty, instead of going on his honeymoon Hisham recruited himself to treat the patients and receive them in the hospital, Omar left his wife one day after the wedding to continue to care for the infected patients because his conscience did not allow him to put his own happiness before the lives of patient, what pushed Omar and Hisham to leave to their jobs is the lack of competent medical personnel in the hospital due to the security conditions in the city such as the war and the siege, so the young doctors and nursing staff have taken on the task of treating the patients of the new Coronavirus epidemic.

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