Yemen: Worsening humanitarian situation in Hadeidah due to power outage.

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Hadeidah-Yemen – 8/6/2016

Hodeidah province west of Yemen which extends on the west coast of the Red Sea suffers from a health disaster, where a lot of women and children died as a result of the lack of electricity and the spread of diseases and lack of health services.




The power crisis experienced in the coastal province of Hadeidah, west of Yemen caused the death of dozens of women and children who are chronically ill due to lack of electricity and the lack of health services in the face of rising temperatures.

The doctors at the Revolution hospital said that the power outage resulted in problems at the level of health of individuals and the work of medical devices, and the continued power outages is foreshadowing a disaster in the city of Hadeidah and all hospitals in the province.

Hadeidah province is a home to about 3 million citizens distributed on 26 Directorate. The province of Hadeidah is considered as the poor store and the most contributing province in the national income as it is considered the food basket of Yemen.



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