Syria- Analysts: Iran is trying to break the chain and win Russia on its side in voting on the nuclear deal and militarizing it

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Qamishli – Hasaka – Syria  22/07/2020

Analysts pointed out that Iran-Russia relations are not strategic relations in the traditional sense, but are relations that are necessary, especially since Iran found itself surrounded or besieged by the European Union and U.S. decisions that are trying to undermine its prestige, economy and military situation, because of its interventions in the region and its influence on global interests, analysts said that Iran found itself forced to look for another ally and resorted to Russia, to win it to vote on its side in October for the cause of the nuclear deal and arming Iran, stressing that Russia will not be able to support Iran until the end, because it will not risk its interests with the Gulf states and other countries or even with the United States and the European Union for Iran, analysts added that the Russian-Iranian rapprochement could affect the international situation in Syria, Libya and Yemen, but Russia will first take into account its interests in the region than the interests of Iran, so there will be no comprehensive agreement or a strong alliance between the parties neither in Syria or the other countries of the region.


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