Iraq-Iraq financed pro-Iranian armed factions in Middle East through personalities and political parties

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Sulaymaniyah- Kurdistan Region- Iraq 15/07/2020

Experts showed that Iran was funding the armed factions loyal to it in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon at the beginning of forming these factions, now, however, it is these armed factions that provide Iran with money, and experts explained that Iraq is the lung from which Iran breathes through the armed factions and the parties loyal to it, either through planes that carried billions of dollars under the names of the PMF, of which 5% went to the Iraqi government and 95% went to the Iranian government, or through the land border, sea, and air borders, which are under the control of Iraqi characters and parties loyal to Iran, and experts added that Iraq funds Iran’s Hezbollah in Lebanon, the armed factions in Syria, and the Houthis in Yemen, In addition to supporting North Korea to remain a constant hostility with the United States of America and preserving the balance that Iran benefits from, by destroying Iraqi agriculture and industry for import from Iran and its financing.

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