Iraq – Ministry of Agriculture: Some politicians are working to weaken national product and fill market with imported products

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Baghdad – Iraq 15/07/2020

The spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture, Hamid Al-Nayef, pointed out that there are weak agendas by some “weak souls” politicians in the Iraqi arena working to weaken the Iraqi national product and flood the market with imported products, vegetables, and fruits that are corrupt and unfit for human consumption at prices that compete with local products, Al-Nayef added that the only victim is the Iraqi farmer who works throughout the year, summer and winter, to grow and provide different agricultural products and crops to the markets. On the other hand, traders pointed out that Iraq self-sufficed with 28 types of plant and animal crops, and their import was prevented from neighboring countries, but it is So far, not all border crossings have been controlled to prevent the introduction of agricultural products and crops into Iraq, and smuggling operations from neighboring countries are continuing, which negatively affects the local product and farmers.

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