Syria – 50 year old woman likes to collect traditional clothing and tools

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Qamishli – Hasaka – Syria  10/07/2020

Haznya Othman, who is 50 years old from the Village of Mashouq, east of Qamishli, has always dreamt of studying folklore and heritage in the future, but circumstances had led her to leave school when she was young, since 2006 Haznya began to try to make her dream of collecting traditional objects and tools in her region come true, her visits to a number of European countries prompted her to see how much they took care of their heritage and appreciated it, she has collected the first pieces from her home and then began the journey of collecting these tools from nearby villages and even from the villages of Turkey, often she would buy the pieces that the people were throwing or selling for the purpose of migration, the oldest piece she has is a war shield hung in the middle of the room or museum and is more than 500 years old, while the rest of the pieces are between the ages of 100 and 150 years, moreover, Haznya also collects folkloric garments of each region in northern and eastern Syria, as well as the Kurds of Turkey and northern Iraq, she tends to create clay structures for all that she could not find.

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