Iraq – Iran is trying to hide its setbacks by massing its forces on Iraqi border

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Sulaymaniyah-Kurdistan Region- Iraq 24/06/2020

A leading member of the political bureau of the opposition Iranian Democratic Party, Kamal Karimi, showed that Iran is trying to hide its setbacks due to the great American pressure in Syria, Yemen and Iraq by creating a new crisis to cover its failure and compensate it by mobilizing its forces along the Iran-Iraq border and pressure on the Kurdistan region under the pretext of the Iranian opposition, but in reality it is to keep the United States out of the region, and Karimi explained that USA and Arab countries should take a stand regarding this military build-up and Iranian interference in the territories of the region, which may make there a retreat on any future Iranian plan to achieve its interests at the expense of Iraq, and observers said that Iran is trying to draw attention in light of the worsening of its economic and international crisis, the American sanctions and the collapse of the Iranian currency against foreign currencies, adding that this Iranian bombing of areas in the Kurdistan region of Iraq is a flagrant violation and a diminution of the sovereignty of Iraq.

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