Iraq: Anbar University challenges the security difficulties.

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Anbar-Iraq – 4/6/2016

Anbar University in the Iraqi city of Ramadi has become one of the universities that depend on the will of its students in the challenge of terrorism and its forms through their determination to complete their academic levels, despite the difficult security conditions that prevailed in the city as well as the financial difficulties.



Despite the difficulties and obstacles faced by university students while continuing their educational process represented in terrorist acts and the lack of resources of various criteria, but the students insist on facing it by going to the university to continue their academic levels.

Anbar University in the Iraqi city Ramadi that dates back to its founding in 1987 AD, contributed significantly to counter terrorism with the determination and insistence of university students and academics in it.

It is noteworthy that Anbar University is one of the universities located in the Iraqi city of Ramadi, which contains study programs in medical, humanitarian, academic and scientific fields.



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