Syria – Dressing teeth with gold and silver in tents and streets…A profession passed down by generations

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Al-Khashman Neighborhood – East Hasaka – Syria 04/06/2020

He set up his tent in Al-Khasman neighborhood east of the city of Hasaka in northeastern Syria more than 7 months ago, scattering his kit of iron coolers and engraving snaps and wax knives from the tools used in the profession of dressing and installing artificial teeth for those who have lost their teeth or those who want to wear one teeth in gold or silver, Abu Salah Forty years old from the city of Aleppo eastern countryside, works in this profession in which he inherited from his father and grandfather to be a source of income for him and his family, Abu Salah says that the culture of the golden teeth Silver no longer exists, and this contributed to the weakness of his work, in addition to the high price of gold and silver, which replaced it with stainless platinum, which most of his customers desire, with prices that compete with the prices of laboratories and doctors, especially in light of the deteriorating economic situation in the region, which is the main reason that made their profession exist to this day.

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