Syria – Hasaka residents form committees to protect agricultural crops from fires

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Hasaka countryside – Syria 03/05/2020

After many agricultural crops in the Hasaka countryside in northeastern Syria were burned, residents formed “Community Protection Committees”, special teams to monitor and protect agricultural crops from any fabrication that may lead to the burning of these crops, arrest foreign people who roam the villages and hand them over to the security agencies, in addition to educating citizens of the need to take care of the outbreak of fires pending harvesting of crops, in coordination with the security agencies of the Internal Security Forces “Asaish” and fire stations in cities and areas, the teams for protecting agricultural crops are distributed on public roads and villages in the countryside of Hasaka province, farmers pointed out that the rate of burning of agricultural crops this year is weak compared to the fires of last year, in addition to the precautionary measures taken by the security forces in cooperation with the people to protect agricultural crops until they are harvested.

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