Iraq – Demonstrators call on Al-Kadhimi to act..find out the fate of abductees and hold protesters killers accountable

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Baghdad – Iraq 26/05/2020

Demonstrators expressed their anger and displeasure with the government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, which is still a dead letter according to the opinion of the Iraqi street, and that no action has been taken so far on the ground to activate it, especially with regard to the release of detainees and abductees from the demonstrators, and to hold accountable the killers of protesters, which was the first decisions of the Government of Al-Kadhimi, which formed a special committee to try those involved in killing protesters, and to reveal the fate of the abductees, the demonstrators added that the kidnappings and killings continue until this moment against peaceful protesters, demanding that Al-Kadhimi take real action and get information about the fate of the imprisoned abductees.

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