Iraq – Analysts differ in opinion about arresting Qardash Khalifa al-Baghdadi

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Erbil- Kurdistan Region – Iraq… Amman – Jordan 22/05/2020

The media and social media sites on Wednesday were loaded by the news of the arrest of the Iraqi authorities caliphate candidate in ISIS, Haji Abdul Nasser Qardash, the same news was denied by the Us Ministry of Defense on Thursday, for his part, analyst and specialist in Islamic affairs Hassan Abu Haniyeh, said that the Iraqi authorities are floundering in announcing the arrest of Qardash in an attempt to search for any achievement even if it was imaginary pointing out that before killing Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi at the hands of the coalition forces the Iraqi authorities have had already announced his death 13 times, others pointed out that ISIS will not be able to return as before, stressing that the group and its leaders are on their way to extinction.


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