Iraq- Analysts: ISIS took advantage of political differences and the Coronavirus pandemic to mount a resurgence

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Mosul- Erbil – Iraq 05/05/2020

Arab24 Agency has been able to obtain “Exclusive archival” scenes that showed ISIS forces and their corpses during the time they were in control of Mosul before it was liberated by Iraqi forces with the help of the international coalition forces in 2017, where analysts confirmed that ISIS was not eliminated in Iraq, but was expelled outside the cities to the outskirts and Western Sahara, and that its sleeper cells exploited the Coronavirus pandemic, the security and economic situation in Iraq, and the political differences between blocs and parties to re-emerge and strengthen their capabilities in the region, analysts pointed out that there are fears that Iran is the one who is moving the file of ISIS in the region through its militias, especially after it pressured Iraq to force out the American forces who provided air coverage and intelligence effort to the Iraqi forces in their war against ISIS, through reconnaissance aircraft, surveillance balloons, thermal cameras and satellites that were roaming the skies of Iraq for 24 hours, adding that ISIS took advantage of the vacuum left by U.S. air support to mount a Resurgence, they also confirmed that Mohammed Kothrani and Ismail Qahani are just delayed news of a deaths for U.S. forces. 

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