Iraq – Duck breeding… A childhood passion and financial return for Mohammed Amin

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Sulaimaniyah – Kurdistan Region – Iraq 28/04/2020

The young Iraqi, Mohammed Amin, who is known in the livestock sector, which is mostly confined to sheep and cows, went on to focus on breeding ducks, to satisfy his childish love for this bird on one hand, and to reap economic benefits on the other, Mohammed Amin said that his tendency to breed ducks was not by chance, he has been raising ducks from a young age until he now owns more than 5 thousand birds, and produces about 12 thousand eggs a week, divided between selling and reproducing chicks, duck breeding is economically profitable for Mohammed, but the situation during the last three months has completely changed due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, where Muhammad suffered significant losses after the death of a not so small part of the ducks as manufacturers had to stop producing special food, in addition to the high prices if available. 

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