Iraq – Analysts : Most important file with Al-Kazemi government is to prepare

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Baghdad – Iraq 13/04/2020

Analysts pointed out that the formation of the Iraqi government cannot be far from international will and interventions, and that the political forces agreed to assign Mustafa Al-Kazemi as prime minister in pursuit of their interests that they are, and analysts indicated that the political process has reached a level of blockage and that there must be new political thinking and awareness and a real will to proceed with forming the government, and they added that there are many files that need to be worked on in the country, the most important of them is the file of returning the displaced, the file of unemployment, the file of health and economics, etc., and that one year is not enough for Al-Kazemi to implement all this government program, stressing that the most important file with the Al-Kazemi government will be preparation for early elections only.

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