Iraq – Confidence crisis between people and Iranian government led to corona outbreak

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Najaf- Iraq 10/04/2020

Political analyst Talal Majeed, from the province of Najaf in central Iraq, described the details of his trip to the Iranian Republic before the border between the two countries was closed due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, and Majeed attributed the cause of the rapid spread of the virus in Iran and the high number of injure and death cases to the existence of a crisis of confidence between the citizen and the government there, especially after discovering the Iranian regime’s attempt to conceal the fact that the virus initially spread, this is what led to the spread of the virus and its transmission to neighboring countries, especially Iraq, which is still receiving delegations from Iran, Majeed confirmed that the crisis of trust continues as it came after the accumulation of frustrations of various kinds in Iranian society, which sparked the protests in Iran in an attempt to overthrow the regime and search for an alternative to this government in the future.

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