Iraq – Analysts: Al-Zarfi must make concessions and guarantees to pass his government

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Baghdad – Iraq 04/04/2020

The designated Prime Minister, Adnan Al-Zrafi, continues his talks to obtain a parliamentary majority that enables him to pass his government before the constitutional deadline expires on the 16th of this month, especially with the continued refusal of most of the Shiite forces to assign Al- Zarfi, Analysts pointed out that if al-Zarfi made some concessions and guarantees to the political forces opposing him, then it is possible for him to pass his government into the parliament dome, and analysts explained that these opposing forces of al- Zarfi are afraid of giving confidence to his new government because of several points, the most important of them is the weapon outside the control of the state, as they stressed that the Sunni and Kurdish forces will not agree to assign Zarfi in the event that the Shiite forces do not agree to it, especially since these blocs do not want to lose their alliance among them because of the existence of common interests.

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