Iraq- Corona virus weakens popular movement in form

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Baghdad- Iraq 28/03/2020

With the intensification of the political crisis in Iraq and the aggravation of conflicts between the various forces and parties, the Corona virus came to complicate the scene more, especially after the number of people infected with it increased in Baghdad and the provinces of Iraq, where the Iraqi authorities imposed a curfew and closed roads between the provinces, which led to the decline in crowd power in the protest arenas, which some see as in the interest of the political parties ruling in Iraq and their delay in achieving the demands of the protesters, what made activists call social media hashtag a promise to revert the revolution in a sign of a future escalation after overcoming the Corona crisis, as protesters confirmed the continuation of the revolution and that it had not ended before achieving their demands to choose an independent candidate who did not belong to any party, and they added that the protest yards are committed to all preventive measures against disinfection, disruption of tents, non-handshake, and other safety measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

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