Iraq – Companies and institutions resort to remote management to counter the threat of Coronavirus

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Erbil – Kurdistan Region – Iraq  28/03/2020

Many companies and institutions in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, have started working remotely from homes or elsewhere via the Internet to run and manage their businesses, after the strong security measures taken by the regional government from the imposition of curfews and the closure of all companies, institutions, restaurants and shops, to fight the coronavirus and prevent its outbreak in the country, the chairman of the council of one of the major car companies, Sardar Hussein al-Baybani , pointed out that all employees of the company continues to work and follow the car shipments remotely, in addition to training cadres of new domestic agents, al-Baybani added that the company is suffering significant losses due to the number of large cars booked at ports as a result of the closure of all border crossings in-front of the trade traffic.

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