Syria- SDF ceases its military operations out of fear of coronavirus outbreak

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Tall Tamr Town – Hasaka Province – Syria 27/03/2020

The Syrian Democratic Forces has halted its military operations against the Turkish army and its Syrian opposition factions in the northern Syrian regions, in response to the call of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, to the warring parties around the world to cease fire and prevent displacement processes, to reduce the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country, the SDF has taken all preventive measures, to prevent the proliferation of coronavirus among its fighters, the leader of the Syrian Military Council, Khabur, pointed out that the Turkish army and opposition factions are still trying to carry out military attacks on the military points of Democratic Syria in the axes of the city of Tall Tamr, as it refrains off water from the cities in those areas, which causes anxiety and suffering for the people especially with the threat of the coronavirus.

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