Syria- Corona virus closes centers for people with special needs in AL-Hasakah

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Qamishli -Al- Hasakah province – Syria 19/03/2020

Centers for people with special needs and hearing disorders closed their doors in the city of Qamishli in AL-Hasakah province, northeastern Syria, fearing an outbreak of the Corona virus in the country, and in response to the Health Authority’s call to close and disable schools, institutes, centers, and institutions in the region, especially those frequented by children, and the administration of the Hope Center for People with Needs, the prolonged interruption of training and rehabilitation by children may cause their level to decline significantly, especially those who suffer from autism, and the parents of children expressed their fear of the decline in the status of their children with special needs, in addition to their fear of the spread of the Corona virus who are more vulnerable because of their immunity.

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