Iraq- The pro-Iranian factions consider US forces in Iraq to be illegal

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Baghdad- Iraq 16/03/2020

The leader of the Popular Mobilization Authority, Adel Al-Karawi, indicated that the American administration will not risk again the bombing of camps, weapons depots, or any party affiliated with the Popular Mobilization in Iraq, especially that America suffers from major internal problems, and analysts confirmed that the Islamic factions are now arranging papers and studying, It will result in a clear and frank attitude towards the American forces in Iraq, and the factions loyal to Iran considered that the presence and survival of the American forces in Iraq is illegal. This was the US military had targeted the Karbala International Airport two days ago, which was used by pro-Iranian brigades and factions, and this came in response to a missile attack targeting the Taji base where the international coalition soldiers are stationed, killing two American and British soldiers.

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