Iraq – Tightening the preventive measures in demonstrations squares to prevent the proliferation of the coronavirus

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Baghdad – Iraq   15/03/2020

Director of information at Baghdad hospital, Watheq Aljaberi, pointed out that closing the border with all neighboring countries particularly Iran, came as a result of the huge number of coronavirus cases found in Qom and Tehran, demonstrators in Tahrir squares expressed their concerns regarding coronavirus spreading in Iraq, especially with the lack of medical masks and the increase in their prices, pointing out that the measures taken by the Iraqi government are a failure, and that most hospitals and clinics lack the basic medical equipment, civil defense detachments and red cross organizations have raised awareness between the demonstrators to face the coronavirus, by spreading brochures containing instructions in order to deal with the virus and limit its proliferation, for his part the general director of the medical city, Hasan Altamimi, said that China has sent a team specialized with various medical fields related to coronavirus to discuss this virus and control it, adding that a specialized center was built to receive coronavirus cases, saying that it includes 200 beds that provides all medical equipment and services. 

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