Yemen – Tragic conditions facing displaced people in Taiz

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Taiz province- Yemen 20/02/2020

More than 100 displaced families, from Hodeidah governorate in southwestern Yemen who have gone to Taiz province in the south, are in a deplorable state amid the lack of support from international organizations and local institutions, Om Omar is a living example of the deteriorating conditions they are living since they moved from Hodeidah to Taiz, whose husband died looking for a job and her three daughters were left without a breadwinner and was threatened to be forced out of her house that was rented by her husband before his death, Om Omar was speechless so her neighbor Om Sultan took over and revealed her miserable state, her kitchen is empty of food and her house is empty of bedding and blankets, the difficulties that Om Omar is facing in finding a job to support her or donations to provide her with her living needs are faced by many displaced families from Hodeidah who moved to Taiz her story is an example of the suffering of thousands of displaced people as a result of the war in the country.

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