Yemen – UN report and seized shipment in the Arabian Sea expose Iran’s military supply to Houthis

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Aden Province – Yemen 14/02/2020

A report issued by the UN Panel of Experts earlier this month revealed Tehran’s continued violation of the embargo by continuing to supply Iranian-made weapons to the Houthis in Yemen through Oman and the Arabian Sea, consisting of drones and land-based cruise missiles used to target Aramco’s oil subsidiaries in eastern Saudi Arabia last September, in addition to machine guns, bombs and anti-tank missiles, this report prompted the U.S. Navy to intensify its presence in the Arabian Sea, resulting in the seizure of an Iranian arms shipment last Sunday, which consisted of 150 anti-tank missiles, 3 Surface-to-air missiles, thermal binoculars and pieces of aircraft and boats on board a sailboat that was on its way to the Houthis according to an announcement of the Central Command of the U.S. forces, after which the spokesman of the fourth military region of the Yemeni army, Mohammed al-Naqib, confirmed that the seizure of this shipment is conclusive proof and clear evidence of Iran’s insistence on supporting the Houthis, calling for an international deterrent to confront Iran and its Houthi arm in Yemen.


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