Iraq – Kidnappings have reduced media‘s professionalism and the Ministry of Interior indicates a decline in the number of cases

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Baghdad – Iraq 04/02/2020

Iraqi media reported that the kidnappings that took place in the Iraqi capital Baghdad against journalists were not supposed to occur because the journalist should be treated as special individuals and not like protesters or activists, pointing out that these cases reduced from the media’s professionalism because of the lack of information in their news and reports due to the failure of Iraqi state institutions to protect them since 2003, the director of relations and media at the Ministry of Interior, Major General Saad Mean, confirmed that 2019 saw a decrease in kidnapping cases compared to 2018 and a rise in the speed of arresting the kidnapping gangs, he also said that in receiving a report of a kidnapping of any Iraqi citizen, there will be a quick reaction from the security services.

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