Syria – Unaccompanied children among Ras al-Ain’s displaced persons in Hasaka

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Hasaka Province – Syria 04/02/2020

Shelters in Hasaka governorate, which are inhabited by displaced people from Ras al-Ain and its countryside, contain a number of unaccompanied and orphaned children, some of whom were displaced with their relatives after the Turkish shelling and opposition factions to their villages and homes in Ras al-Ain, the number of these children is 28, between separate and unaccompanied divided into 12 schools in the city of Hasaka, a member of the Center for Peace and Civil Society in Hasaka province, said that these unaccompanied displaced children suffer from many psychological problems as a result of the war and shelling of their villages and the loss of their families, stressing that psychological and moral support have been provided to the children, with the help of some competent organizations in the region, however this support remains weak and inadequate.

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