Iraq- After the end of the deadline for protesters… Baghdad and provinces witness a new escalation

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Baghdad – Iraq 20/01/2020

The intensity of demonstrations in the protest sit-ins in the capital Baghdad and a number of southern provinces is taking a new upward trend, following the expiry of the deadline set by Iraqi protesters a day before the political elite by Monday, 20 January. Within the framework of the peace today the Iraqi popular movement differs in terms of the protest tactics used, where demonstrators blocked the main and international roads in the capital Baghdad and a number of provinces using tires and barriers, accompanied by new slogans emphasizing the continuation of the revolution , they also rejected attempts to justify responding to demands, and the continued repression of demonstrators, amid demands to resolve the issue of the selection of a new prime minister, two people were killed and a number of demonstrators were injured in the Kilani area after security forces used live bullets and smoke bombs, and used new means of repression such as boiling water.

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