Iraq: Iraqis views on the Green Zone incidents.

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Iraqi observers and citizens expressed their opinions about the Green Zone incidents that led to the killing and wounding of a number of demonstrators who broke into the Green Zone up to the Prime Minister building in a protest against the corruption that prevails in Baghdad.


Iraqis expressed their views on a bloody day that led to the killing and wounding of a number of Iraqi demonstrators who stormed the Green Zone up to the prime minister building as well as the killing of a number of security forces in charge of protecting the Green Zone.

Observers pointed out that the protestors have the full right to enter any site in Baghdad, including the Green Zone as a right of the people at the first place and not the right of those who inhabit it. The government’s actions about this were described as wrong, considering people’s patience on the grievance for nearly 14 years.

It is noteworthy that the Green Zone has seen several previous incursions by demonstrators calling for the reform of corruption.



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