Iraq-A “wish tent” to deliver messages and protesters demands in Al-Tahrir Square

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Baghdad- Iraq 07/01/2020

Ninety days have passed since the protests that accompanied the Iraqis until the year 2020, inside Al-Tahrir Square, central Baghdad, the protesters stood since the first of last October in order to claim their rights under the slogan “We want a homeland”, but the political scene in Iraq has not changed much and their demands have not been fulfilled until now, and with the beginning of the new year, Iraqis in the sit-in yards resorted to setting up a “tent of wishes”, perhaps it will be the savior for them, by delivering their messages and aspirations towards the future Iraq that they dream of, and achieving their wishes and demands that united them and brought them together in the protest arenas in different regions and governorates of the country, for the birth of a new Iraq that guarantees them a decent life, with the departure of all the ruling political class in the country.

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