Iraq- Calls for a million… In a step to escalate protests in provinces

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Baghdad-Iraq 08/01/2020

Iraqis in different regions and provinces of Iraq called for preparing for a huge peaceful protests of millions next Friday in 10th  of this month, in a step to escalate the protests and return them to their first destination as they started on the first of October last year, and that is because the current government did not respond to the demands of the protesters stationed in the sit-in squares in the capital, Baghdad, and a number of governorates for more than 3 months, as it failed to choose a candidate accepted by the protesters, and citizens changed hashtag on social networking sites, from # We want a homeland to hashtag # homeland_needs us, in clarifying that Iraq now needs its revolutionary children to repel external attacks and procrastinate the government in implementing the demands of the protestors, especially after the recent escalation between Iran and America on Iraqi soil.

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