Iraq – Anger and resentment over U.S. targeting of popular mobilization headquarters

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Baghdad – Iraq 30/12/2019

MP Mohammad Reda Al Haydar, chairman of the parliamentary security and defense committee, condemned the U.S. bombing yesterday evening of the headquarters of the Hezbollah brigades of the Popular Mobilization, which is supported by Iran, in al-Qaim district west of Anbar province in Iraq, which resulted in a number of deaths and injuries among the forces, Al Haydar considered that the U.S. bombing, which came in response to Hezbollah’s attacks on Iraqi bases hosting coalition forces, is a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty, adding that the Iraqi government should give a major response by complaining to the United Nations about the attack. In this context, the demonstrators in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad condemned the U.S. bombing on popular mobilization headquarters, they also sent a message to the caretaker government not to allow any outside party to make Iraq an arena for their conflicts and battles.

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