Iraq – Barham Saleh’s resignation shocks Iraqis

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Baghdad – Iraq 26/12/2019

The decision that the president of the Iraqi Republic Barham Saleh has submitted to the Iraqi parliament asking to resign, has shocked the political and popular circles that were waiting for him to appoint a prime minister to succeed Adel Abdul Mahdi who had also resigned after the continuous demonstrations since the beginning of last October, the decision of Barham Saleh to resign comes after refusing to name Asad al-Aidani, candidate of the largest bloc “Albenaa Alliance” in the parliament, which was widely welcomed by the demonstrators demanding an independent prime minister who is not affiliated with any bloc or political party, opinions differed among demonstrators about Barham’s decision to resign, as some saw it as a valid step to deter parties trying to seize power in the country, while others found that the timing of the decision was inappropriate and might cause chaos that Iraqis are in no need for right now.

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