Iraq: Iraqis still Visiting shrines despite the terrorist attacks

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The Iraqi capital Baghdad is experiencing difficult security conditions in the recent times, especially after the spread of terrorist operations in the streets of the capital, which is now claiming the lives of dozens, but that did not discourage the crowds that are coming from all across the Muslim world to visit the tomb of Mr. Sheikh Saleh son of Mr. Sheikh Abdul Kader al-Kilani.

Despite the bad security conditions in Baghdad as a result of the terrorist attacks plaguing the city and claiming dozens of victims, but the crowds of visitors to the tomb of Sheikh Abdul Kader al-Kilani had not been interrupted, and these visitors crowd include visitors from different countries of the Islamic world, notably Pakistan and Somalia, in addition to Arab Muslims and Iraqis which this shrine is of a particular importance and sanctity, considering the sheikh the crown of those who know and master of denominations and is the author of the Qadiriya way that symbolizes the love of Al al-Bayt.

The shrine is characterized by its location in the side of Rusafa in the capital Baghdad, and it’s located in a large market where the surrounding visitors go shopping.



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