Iraq: Iraqi forces liberate Alintisar Neighborhood of Alrutba

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Iraqi forces were able to enter Alrutba in Al-Ramadi, located near the Jordanian border and liberated some of the cities in the judiciary, such as the Alintisar neighborhood from ISIS, and Iraqi forces are deployed in the neighborhoods of the Alrutba city and began to raise the improvised explosive devices planted by “ISIS” organization in homes and buildings.

Iraqi and tribal forces with the support of the coalition forces entered the border town with Jordan “Alrutba” and took over the entire areas of the city and raised the Iraqi flag over the buildings with armor and artillery, backed up by air support from the international airline alliance led by the United States.

Iraqi security forces have begun to raise the improvised explosive devices and mines planted by “ISIS” organization in buildings and government institutions, the Joint Iraqi forces continue cleansing the pockets of ISIS organization remaining in Alrutba, and Iraqi forces were able to secure the road to the border Trebil with Jordan.

Alrutba is located 360 kilometers west of the city of Al-Ramadi, Anbar province, and they were occupied by ISIS two years ago.


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