Syria- ISIS intellectual militancy divert culture into a pile of stones

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Tabaqah city-Raqqa Governorate- Syria 14/12/2019

Prior to the ISIS invasion of Raqqa governorate in northern Syria, the cultural center in Tabaqah city was ranked fourth at the level of the republic in terms of equipment and technical development and it contains all types of high-quality sound, music and lighting equipment in addition to a theater that accommodates more than 600 people, It was also considered one of the largest centers in which different events and activities are held, including exhibitions of books and drawing, educational courses, etc, this was all blown up by ISIS after it extended its authority over the city, where it turned the center into a legitimacy court and imprisoned detainees, which caused its bombing by the international coalition aircraft shortly before ISIS left the city, which led to its burning and its contents in general.

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