Syria-Five years after kidnapping..two Yazidi girls were found

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Barzan Village – Hasaka Countryside – Syria 05/12/2019

The Yazidi house in the village of Barzan, which belongs to the city of Hasaka, handed over two Yazidi girls found in the Al-Hol and Ain Issa camps to the Yazidi Sinjar Council in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Al-Asaish forces found Almaz Sabri and Rana Khader, one in Al-Hol camp and the other in Ain Issa camp, accompanied by some families there. The girls are now 19 years old, which means that they were 14 years old when they were abducted from the villages of Sinjar. Almaz lived in the town of Baguz after her husband abandoned her and left her with his neighbors, who were forced to be held accountable to give her another man from ISIS so that she could escape and take refuge in Al-Hol camp with one of the families who had been displaced from Baguz after Qasd took full control of the town, Rana was found in Ain Issa camp who has been married twice according to the Islamic law after she was sold and bought several times as a concubine.

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