Lebanon – Protesters criticize Hizbullah’s stance on protests in Lebanese cities

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Downtown Beirut – Lebanon 20/10/2019

Unprecedented popular protests continue in most Lebanese cities for the fourth day in a row against the deteriorating economic situation, as tens of thousands gathered Sunday in downtown Beirut chanting slogans against the government’s austerity policies and corrupt officials, a number of participants in the demonstrations criticized the position of Hezbollah that is backed by Iran from the demonstrations, as well as the speech of the secretary general of the party, Hassan Nasrallah, during which he confirmed that he does not support the resignation of the government, and that he supports it but “in a new spirit and methodology”, accusing some political forces of shirking their responsibilities and blaming others, calling on deputies and ministers of Hezbollah to Resign from the government and participate in the demonstrations and be with them and not against them, as a number of demonstrators accused Mr. Nasrallah of seeking to divide the people.

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