Iraq: 600 displaced Iraqi families relocate to the coastal city camp.

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More than 600 Iraqi families were recent displaced from the western parts of the city of al-Anbar, which is witnessing a sprawling war, to the Habbaniyah camp in spite of the lack of services in the camp.

Bitter life in many of the western parts of the city of Ramadi due to the sprawling war contributed recently in the displacement of more than 600 families to the tourist city camp in Habbaniyah.

While most of these families migrated from the regions of the Albu Nimr and Tharthar northwest Al-Anbar through naval boats headed to the other side of the Euphrates River, and this area is experiencing a presence of the Iraqi army, which in their turn move the families to the camp.

It is worth to note that the exodus of the families is not the end of suffering, but the beginning of a new story of it, in light of the presence of torn tents that lack the most basic requirements of life.


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