Yemen: Carnival to restore hope in Aden

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Aden governate in the south of Yemen launched a carnival festival in order to restore hope in Shamsan Stadium in Mualla Directorate, with the participation of students of all departments of the province and the presence of the governor of Aden Aidroos Zubaidi.





A carnival to restore hope to the province of Aden was launched amid the participation of students from all districts of the province in Shmaisan Stadium, located in Al Mualla directorate in Aden.

The carnival carries the message that Aden is still resisting terrorism in various ways and means.

For his part, al-Zubaidi gambled on the students in building a secure and prosperous future, and that they must obtain the care and attention to education and health in this complex exceptional era.

It is noteworthy that the city of Aden is witnessing the establishment of many events and festivals to get out of the tragic situation that previously passed through it.

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