Jordan: The spread of expats in the Jordanian labor market

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Expats phenomenon is spreading in the Jordanian market, heading toward the craft business that requires a major effort to be accomplished. The number of expats in Jordan reached to about two hundred and eighty thousand foreign workers of various nationalities.

Having expats in Jordan is an old renewed phenomenon, especially in business and professions that require a major effort to be accomblished, and employers in Jordan said that it’s more of social reasons, like the tradition of being ashamed of some jobs, and other reasons revolve around the newcomer committing only for his work there is nothing to distract him from his work.

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Labour, Hamada Abu Nejmeh confirmed that the number of migrant workers in Jordan is more than two hundred and eighty thousand expatriate workers and on the other hand there are the same number of unemployed Jordanians.

For his part, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Higher Education Hani Dmour said that there are attempts to develop new career paths and majors to be added to the Jordanian universities. It may change the negative perception of this technical works

It is noteworthy that the Jordanian labor market includes migrant laborers from different nationalities including Egyptian, Syrian and from East Asia.



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