Yemen: Taiz University prepares to welcome its students

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Reform of the University of Taiz in southern Yemen operations began after the initiative of the governor of Taiz for reconstruction of the university for re-education and reception of students after its liberation from the hands of rebels under a plan for the rehabilitation of laboratories and teaching halls and university facilities.


Taiz universities in Yemen were not spared by the Houthi and Saleh bombing in addition to taking universities as places for stationing, which led to the destruction of educational halls, laboratories and student facilities such as the University of Taiz in the southern side of the country that received the most strikes and witnessed the biggest destruction but an initiative to maintain and reform of the remnants of the destruction there was started by the city governor.
Dean of Taiz University, Dr. Mohammed Abdul Jalil, in turn, praised the initiative to reform and rehabilitation the university to receive students after its liberation from the hands of the rebels, which contains the most important computer labs and cadres equipped to work in the local and foreign market.
Dr. Abdul-Ghani Al-Naqib confirmed the importance of speeding up reforms of the Faculty of Engineering, which contain electronic devices worth more than $ 32 million in the engineering laboratories especially in light of the approaching rainy summer season is toughest season in Yemen.
The province of Taiz has been bombed by the Houthi since a year ago before the liberation at the hands of popular resistance and the national army with the support of the Arab coalition forces.



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