Effects of the political crisis in Baghdad on Kurdistan region

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Kurds warned of the seriousness of the political crisis in the Iraqi parliament, where some political forces and other components inside the House of Representatives are taking Iraq towards a political crisis which will reflect negatively on the Kurdistan region leading the Kurds to intensify their efforts towards secession and independence of the province


Events and political conflicts that take place in Baghdad recently has overshadowed the Kurdistan region, where the Kurds warned that some political forces and other components inside the Iraqi parliament are taking Iraq into a serious political crisis, and that this has a significant impact on the overall political situation in Iraq and Kurdistan and the fight against ISIS.
Observers believe that the tense political situation taking place in the political arena in Baghdad will push the Kurds to intensify their efforts to hold a referendum for the independence of the province of Kurdistan, in what others believe is positive for the Iraqi people and for the members of the House of Representatives of the authority and influence of political parties and blocs towards the fight against corruption and the spread of democracy in the country.
It is noteworthy that the two major parties KDP and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, made a decision earlier, sending a Kurdish political delegation from the province to Baghdad to begin a new dialogue through a joint delegation comprising all the parties involved in the House of Representatives and the components of the region to find a radical solution to the outstanding problems between the province and Baghdad solutions.



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