Yemen: Rising prices in Taiz due to the blockade

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Taiz city in the south of the capital Sanaa is witnessing a genocidal blockade imposed by the Houthi and Saleh militias for more than ten months, which raised the level of economic suffering which is difficult for civilians to tolerate, especially in the face of rising food prices.

The streets of Taiz city of Sana’a governorate in southern Yemen, almost devoid of shoppers and buyers, as its commercial stores devoid of food commodities. Buying movement is very simple and is therefore reflecting on the lives of ordinary citizens to move to below the poverty line because they can not secure their living standard.

Houthi siege to the city of Taiz, which has lasted more than ten months stopped the economic wheel in the city and limited the entry of food commodities, which raised food prices twice what it once was, and eventually led to the closure of shops.

Destruction and devastation that hit the city led to the emergence of new needs and requirements that tire low-income people, such as treatments and medicine for the victims of the war which the residents can not afford for because of their high prices and the lack of income for the family.



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